Temporary Overdraft

Temporary Overdraft A temporary overdraft is a bank overdraft facility that usually extended between 30 to 90 days base on … Read more

Peer-to-peer Lending

Peer-to-peer Lending To run a company, an owner often needs extra capital. In that regard taking assistance from banks or … Read more

Intercreditor Agreement

Intercreditor Agreement In almost any working relationship financial agreements issue a lot as it outlines the expectation of the parties, … Read more

Flotation Cost

Flotation Cost In fiscal alterations, flotation price plays a vital role to stabilize the business. Largely a firm raises capital … Read more

Letter of Credit Finance

Letter of Credit Finance The financial relationship between buyer and seller is developed on the basis of confidence. To create … Read more

Plain Vanilla Bonds

Plain Vanilla Bonds   Key Point Plain vanilla is the basic version of a financial instrument without any special feature. … Read more