Flotation Cost

In fiscal alterations, flotation price plays a vital role to stabilize the business. Largely a firm raises capital via debt bonds or loans. In a process of raising funding, a provider incurs the capital. The amount of fee varies based on the type and size of the offering.

When a provider offers brand new securities to the public in this process the total cost incurred by the company is called flotation cost.

A flotation cost is indicated as a proportion of problem rates as the money is raised following the selling of new inventory following the subtraction of flotation value. The last rate of new stock is diminished due to the price that’s incurred in the feasibility of fresh capital, finally, a very low capital is raised.

The debt securities or preferred stock cost is generally smaller than the issuing of common stock. On average the selection of flotation price lies between 2% to 8 percent in the issuance process of common stock. The major approach is to subtract the price from the company cash flow that’s used to find out the Net current value.

The cost of a capital concept is significantly correlated with flotation costs. It involves the price of debt and equity. Thus, raising financing through the issuance of new stock or debt will help determine the cost of capital.

Calculation of Flotation Cost

The flotation cost of new equity using dividend growth rate is calculated as;

Dividend Growth Rate = D1/P*(1-F)+g

  • D1: Next year dividend
  • P:Price per Share
  • F: levels of Flotation Price to Stock Issue Price
  • G: Dividend Growth Rate

Flotation Cost Example

Right now, the speed of inventory on the marketplace is $30. 6% of elevated capital would be the investment banker’s fee. XYZ company a premium of $ per share in the year 2020, along with a 15% growth is expected in the year 2021. Therefore, the flotation worth is calculated with the help of the above formula. The expense of current equity is deducted from the price of new equity to find out the final flotation price.

These prices are integrated into the projects of firms that get at appropriate profitability. To raise the capital it’s adjusted with the price of capital. It’s also the cash outlay of the company undertaking. From the calculation of net present value, it is adjusted using the discounted rate (denominators) or with all the cash inflow or outflow.

Benefits of Flotation Price

The General Public corporation gets a range of benefits with the Support of flotation cost;

  • Makes it possible for companies to provide employees with added incentives by providing share choices. These incentives raise the motivation and work engagement of employees.
  • To come up with a company it grants access to the new capital.
  • By the use of quoted stocks, it offers a substantial opportunity for businesses to do an acquisition.
  • It enriches the business profile also builds trust among the suppliers and clients.

Disadvantage of Flotation Cost

Proper utilization of flotation prices can save the business from financial mismanagement. However, the cons of flotation price are below;

  • The public company is required to fulfill additional policies and regulations and is required to maintain the corporate benchmark such as transparency & announcement regarding new financial improvement.
  • Since there is uncertainty in the market, stock exchange situation, and because of market fluctuation, the business might become vulnerable.
  • In the process of running a company that you need to take care of shareholder interest, to put on a return from their capital, occasionally companies may differ from their particular objectives.
  • There’s a risk that during the flotation process the managers become diverted from running the business as they are required to deal with investors afterward.
  • Some analysts consider the firm cost of funds is forever overrated due to continuing flotation cost expenses.


Floatation price brings significant consequences for public businesses when they issue new stock on the market. The financial analysts believe flotation price investment effective for the businesses’ stability and achievement.