Temporary Overdraft

Temporary Overdraft A temporary overdraft is a bank overdraft facility that usually extended between 30 to 90 days base on the request of the account holder. Most of us know life situations are unclear. Occasionally people get brief with money as a result of unexpected personal problems, urgencies, and to fulfil a crisis financial responsibility. … Read more

Intercreditor Agreement

Intercreditor Agreement In almost any working relationship financial agreements issue a lot as it outlines the expectation of the parties, and watch over the seller rights in the event the pre-decided expectations are not fulfilled. Intercreditor arrangement is one of the favorite concessions in the area of finance. The intercreditor agreement is also known as … Read more

Letter of Credit Finance

Letter of Credit Finance The financial relationship between buyer and seller is developed on the basis of confidence. To create a long-term business interconnection payment assurance is indispensable. To be certain the payment transaction easily works between parties’ letter of financial credit plays an integral part. In global trading, the banks offer a reassuring letter … Read more

Plain Vanilla Bonds

Plain Vanilla Bonds   Key Point Plain vanilla is the basic version of a financial instrument without any special feature. Plain Vanilla Bonds are the basic bond with a low-risk profile. Bonds are financial instruments used to raise debts from the available market. Among the most frequent forms of bonds would be plain vanilla bonds. … Read more