What is the Additional Compensation Arrangement Standard?

Employees may receive additional rewards, bonuses, gifts, and cash from employers and clients for certain performance achievements. These additional compensation arrangements must not affect employees’ professional integrity, objectivity, and independence. Let us discuss additional compensation arrangements and how the CFA institute guides dealing under such scenarios. Additional Compensation Arrangements Standard – Definition The Chartered Financial … Read more

Ordinary Annuity Vs. Annuity Due – What’s the Difference?

An annuity due and an ordinary annuity are two types of annuities that differ primarily by the timings of the payments. Both are widely used in the financial markets but the use of ordinary annuity mechanisms is more common. Let’s discuss what ordinary annuities are, annuity due, how these types of annuities work, and their … Read more

Does USCIS Accept PO Box Addresses? FAQs About USCIS Application Filing

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, renowned as USCIS, is responsible for taking care of public applications regarding citizenship, immigration, adoptions, and related matters. The role of USCIS is significant in the country as a large number of people from all over the world want to make their future in the United States. … Read more

Is Lawfully App Prediction Accurate?

When you file an application for immigration or citizenship with the USCIS, you want to get continuous updates about the status of your petition. USCIS stands for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. It is a federal government agency of the US for assessing the eligibility of applicants regarding citizenship and residency in … Read more

bond retirement Journal Entry

The accounting for bond retirement is based on the principles of liability. In simple words, if the bond is retired, liability is removed from the books by passing debit entry. However, there are different treatments for bond retirement treatment. The bond issued by a business or organization has a predetermined maturity date. However, the bond may … Read more

Active Vs. Passive Portfolio Management – What’s the Difference?

Active and passive portfolio management styles are two contrasting investing strategies. One involves active participation and management of the portfolio while the other requires fewer movements. Let us discuss what active and passive portfolio management styles are and what are the key differences between them. What is Active Portfolio Management? Active portfolio management refers to … Read more

How to Calculate Nominal After-Tax Rate of Return?

The nominal after-tax rate is the base rate of return on an investment adjusted for taxes. It provides an alternative approach to investors for comparing different investment options adjusted for different tax rates. Let’s understand what the nominal post-tax rate of return is and how it is calculated. What is the Nominal Rate of Return? … Read more