8 Types of Audit Evidence

Types of Audit Evidence Auditors responsible to design and perform the auditing process in a way that enables them to obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence to support their opinion. Audit Evidence refers to accounting, financial records and any other relevant information that auditor gathers during the auditing work. For example, supplier invoices, external confirmation, agreements, … Read more

What are Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators?

What are Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators? Non-financial Key Performance Indicators, which are also referred to as the intellectual capital of any company, are an increasing attribute for business drivers. It includes all knowledge, corporate reputation, relationship, information, data, skills, brands, patents, trust, or processes that are at the disposal of businesses. Non-financial KPI refers to … Read more

Balance Sheet Format

Balance Sheet Format Balance sheet is a very important tool for investors to check the company financial position. It contains everything that is required to evaluate the financial position of a company. It contains every bit of information about the assets that the company owns, all the liabilities of the company, what kind of shareholder’s … Read more

What are the Accounting Entries?

What are the Accounting Entries? Accounting entries, which are also more commonly known as journal entries, are one of the most important parts of an accounting work. The journal entries play a crucial role in the bookkeeping of every business, a small business or a huge business. Account entries are done by using the double … Read more